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The limited liability company «HMC U» (previously called LLC «Reikartz U») (hereinafter also referred to as the «Company»), represented by its management, shows its respects to everyone.

Starting from February 2022, «HMC U» LLC is a registered and operating legal entity in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The management company is registered in the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

The main activities of the Company which are specified in its founding documents are: the provision of hotel services, rental and management of non-residential premises, advice on business and management.

Carrying out these types of activities, «HMC U» LLC operates exclusively in the legal field on the basis of concluded civil contracts with partners and contractors in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Regarding the situation that has arisen with the «REIKARTZ KHIVA RESIDENCE HOTEL» (hereinafter also referred to as the «Hotel»), we inform you as follows. Between «HMC U» LLC and «LAKHISAM» LLC (the legal entity that is the owner of the Hotel) there is a real estate lease agreement signed on April 23, 2023. Within the framework of this agreement, the Company fully fulfilled its obligations.

All kinds of stuffing into the information space, on the Internet about allegedly gross violations of contractual obligations for the maintenance of the Hotel building, its structures and property, «pumping out funds», lack of legal grounds for the work of the Company’s management in the Republic of Uzbekistan, etc. do not have any evidence or basis and are outright lies and «stretched» narratives of interested parties.

As a result of unlawful, dishonest, and criminal actions, on May 1, 2024, third parties took over the «REIKARTZ KHIVA RESIDENCE HOTEL» by force. The tenant's employees («HMC U» LLC) were expelled from the Hotel territory. The tenant's access to the building is blocked. The tenant's rights to own and use the Hotel are limited. No explanations were received from the lessor or other third parties. We believe that such illegal actions in their entirety are characterized as a «raider takeover.» As a result, the Company cannot fulfill its obligations under the above agreement.

We believe that in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the norms of the current legislation are the basis for conducting business by business entities, regardless of any other circumstances. The rule of law must be paramount. In this regard, we believe that any disputes should be considered exclusively by judicial authorities. The court is the only «authority» that has the right to give a legal assessment and make an appropriate decision.

The Company's management officially declares its readiness to continue to fulfill its obligations regarding the «REIKARTZ KHIVA RESIDENCE HOTEL» within the framework of civil law relations for the benefit of guests, the development of hotel and tourism business in Khiva and the Republic of Uzbekistan in general. At the same time, the Company is ready to defend its interests and defend its legal rights in the courts. The decision of the judicial authorities, which has entered into legal force, will be fully implemented by the Company.

We hope for mutual understanding of all interested parties, including controlling government officials.

Director of LLC «HMC U» Anokhin V.V.