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Hotels in Samarkand

Samarkand was founded in the VIII century BC and is considered one of the most ancient still existing cities. It was the most important trade points on the Great Silk Road, and due to its geographical location, Samarkand both flourished over the years and was subjected to raids and destruction. Numerous architectural monuments of the city were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which indicates their value and significance.
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Reikartz Amar Samarkand

Airport, km 9
Bus station, km 8,5
Free Wi-Fi
Railway station, km 6,3
Working hours 24/7
For leisure
Address 140100, Uzbekistan, Samarkand, Orzu Makhmudov street, 14
Latitude 39.644175
Longitude 66.955137
Phone +998 78 113 99 74 (booking department)
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Restaurants in Samarkand

Restaurant of the Reikartz Amar Samarkand Hotel

140100, Uzbekistan, Samarkand, Orzu Makhmudov street, 14
Menu: mixed cuisine
Bank card
Phone: +998 78 113 99 74
Working hours: 07:30-10:30


Samarkand is the second-largest City in Uzbekistan in terms of area and population. Located in the valley of the Zerafshan River, it has a subtropical inland climate, with warm winters and hot summers. Samarkand is known as the oldest center of civilization in the region and is now one of the most important educational and scientific centers of the Central Asia. Transport links in the City are rapidly improving: there is an international airport in the City and a railway with international routes. The City has a well-developed tourism sector.




The main square in the center of Samarkand, a striking example of Islamic architecture

Registan sq.
Shakhi Zinda

Shakhi Zinda

An architectural complex consisting of various mausoleums, mosques, madrasahs

Shah-i-Zinda st., 1
Ulugh Beg Observatory

Ulugh Beg Observatory

A medieval observatory built by the famous ruler-scientist Ulugbek.

Islam Karimov st., 2
Museum of the History of the Foundation of Samarkand «Afrasiab»

Museum of the History of the Foundation of Samarkand «Afrasiab»

Museum named after the ancient settlement.

Islam Karimov st., 7
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